Meet the Band

I grew up in Kansas in a trailer park.

I left there for the big city of Los Angeles to become a makeup artist.

I failed and came back to Kansas.

Somewhere in between there, I got married, divorced, went to some college, worked as a motivational speaker, was homeless, drank a lot, moved back to LA, moved to Seattle, traveled to 7 continents, dated a lot, stayed alone a lot, ate more tacos than any person should ever humanly admit, got depressed, got unrepressed, made a lot of friends, drank the Pacific Ocean worth of coffee and probably smoked some drugs. And crawled into a van with some friends in a band.

Some 20 years later, I find myself back here in LA. 7 continents, 90+ countries, 457 trips around the planet and Million Miler status on 2 different airlines. I’ve graced every Days Inn and Four Seasons on the planet and everything in between.

It’s time to tell some of those stories. And hear some stories from some friends I’ve met along the way.