Episode Three

Episode Three brings us a visit with the fantastically funny and all around awesome Luke Barnett. When I moved to LA I realized that I no longer had that “Cheers” type bar where every body knows your name. My friend Joyce had found a spot and invited me come hang one night and low and behold- our own Sam Malone was found in Luke. Along with some of the other bar schmucks as well. Luke has seen me consume $20 worth of Taco Bell after drinking 7-8 Jameson and Ginger Ale’s. A feat not performed by many people that lived to tell about it. Luke has also been the cause of my waking up with “purse burritos” and “pillow tacos” on many occasions.

Little did I know that Luke had a dream. Luke had a dream of being funny and creative. And he did it! Congrats, dude! Aside from being the new incarnation of Tom Cruise in Cocktail (he taught me Coughlin’s Law), he is a writer, producer and performer. His comedy work has been featured on Funny or Die, where he created the popular The Walking Fred as well as A Message To Aaron Sorkin. He executive produced Loitering with Intent starring Marisa Tomei and Sam Rockwell. And in 2016 completed his feature length screenwriting debut with Fear, Inc. which he also produced. It’s seriously one of my FAVORITE movies ever . He wrapped up Painkillers last year and has a list of things on the horizon.

So, come listen to Luke and I talk about our favorite horror movies, how he always mixed my drinks so so well and about the new things that he is making that I am sure to become obsessed with like I did Fear, Inc.

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